Monday, August 10, 2009


Based on that sort of mindset is how a certain iconography is starting to develop [for me], through the amputated arms, the placement of the hearts. These things don't have a definitive meaning, but [rather] depend on the piece and the situation composed in the piece. I'm not sure if its the gray area between giving and taking as much as it is the idea of an area like that existing. In a way, I'm finding that [to be] the most common of areas...being in that gray area. I think that knowing fully where you are, is such an absolute condition, which is rarely achieved, if ever. We can know where we are now, and speak of the contemplations, discoveries, conclusions of those moments. But time is a tricky thing. Once you figure what is going on at a given time, it becomes the past, automatically. Throwing you into a state of re-adjustment, re-calculation. The same works with conclusions based on hind sight recollections from the past. What worked yesterday, isn't relevant today. So we're constantly in between, re-adjusting. Coming to terms and adapting. There is so much to be said about the games of time, but I can get rather scattered if not speaking about something specific. Basically the only place we are surely as present and precise would be now. That gray area.

-from isreal.

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  1. I dont think many people realize how easy it is to live in the past or future, to dissociate to anything but the now; which in reality, is the most important thing.