Friday, August 14, 2009


"i will never give up on something i started on, or someone i love.

hope is all we lack in this world, and seeing you happy is worth all i have been through for you.

you're not heartless, atleast you don't mean to be.

no one and no words are going to shake me, ever again,

just your actions, so prove them wrong."

never give up.


  1. Hard to do - never give up.
    Sometimes its inevitable.
    You need to give up to let go.
    Other times, its imperative that one grasps tighter.
    I guess it all depends on where you are in life, and which side you're on.

  2. it's true, what you said.
    it all depends on who you're dealing with, if you see that [that] person or situation has the potentional to change, then the effort is worth it.
    but sometimes, it is out of our hand to alter a certain situation or person and it's just best if we do let go, and sadly give up.