Monday, August 10, 2009


i read that everyday you have a list of outlandish things that you want to get done. can you share some of those w/ us?

well, the list is sometimes embarrassing but here goes:

first of all, i always make three separate daily lists just to remind myself- one is for things i really wish i could do today - or intend to do with more time ie: repaint hardwood floors in my apt, organize my records by genre, do all of my laundry and actually organize all of my closets. the second list is more of a realistic "things to do" that can actually be done. like ie: go to post office, walk in park, write thank you letters, go to copy place and make flyers... the last one is the list of things that i have hopelessly forgotten and really should remember [that] someday they need to get done: like create trade paintings for pen-pals, respond to people with cards, paint friend's children's portraits like i said i would...etc...

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