Sunday, August 9, 2009


by Jane Powell -

Ever felt embarrassed after someone rebuffed your invitation to go for coffee? Ever felt hurt when you opened yourself up to another person and they didn’t react the way that you had hoped? Ever felt scared for any number of reasons?

Congratulations! You’re alive. And growing, too! If we never take a chance, if we never stretch ourselves, there are two things that we can be sure of. One is that we will never feel hurt or embarrassed or scared. The other is that we will stagnate. Safe in our comfort zone, we will find in time that comfort zone has become a prison. We have dealt ourselves a life sentence of "safety." Yet safety equals stagnation.

Be embarrassed! Be hurt! Be frightened! The rewards of growth and change are permanently rewarding. Slowly, through taking chances on people and situations, we mold ourselves into the person we want to be. We grow. We learn. We change for the better. The end result outweighs the temporary pain encountered on the journey.

take a chance on life today.


  1. That really is inspiring. It's really true, because I think one of the only ways we as human beings learn is by being hurt, embarrassed, angry, scared, happy, anxious and fearful. I know for me, I rarely forget those moments and they are what teach me to be sensitive and careful about what I do/say to others. Because of other people I have learned what I like/dislike about myself/others, through other people I learn what I like/dislike being done to me.
    It's the cycle of life, but only when taken in and processed in our minds.

  2. It is very true, it's actually makes you aware of those feelings you can feel, it makes you human.